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What every business leader needs to know about IT Managed Services

As companies start out their focus is on funding and procuring equipment, recruiting, marketing and the excitement of building something new. Other, more-mature companies may have started off using their own equipment and added to it over time but have now left themselves with an unwieldy mess of semi-compatible, technology products. Start-up companies may have made a big investment in the latest infrastructure initially only to find that it all needs replacing just a few years later and they need to address another huge capital expense all over again, the solution to all of these issues (and more) is to embrace Managed IT Services.

Never pay for another call out fee again for services covered by our Managed Service Agreeement.

Managed IT services are provided by outsourced, third-party companies who install, manage and maintain an organisations infrastructure. These services are bundled into an upfront monthly cost that can cover all-you can eat or just the elements you require to smooth operations. 

Aspire Technologies can remotely monitor your computers and other technology operations and identify potential problems before they manifest. We are available for remote support and can make on-site visits – all according to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) – on the occasions that they’re required. For many companies, this is preferable to employing a full-time tech support professional who won’t be required for much of the time. It also fends off having to pay for one-off, expensive call-outs in emergencies. Service packages can include unlimited on-site and remote support, unlimited help-desk access or simply our monitoring infrastructure, depending on your needs. 

Our state of the art Remote Management Services allow us to pro-actively monitor for potential issues with your network, endpoints, hardware and more. With our powerful automation capabilities we can pre-emptively resolve most issues before they even affect the user, and when that is not the case our team of administrators is notified and are able to remotely address the issue immediately. 

This allows you to minimize downtime and our team to provide resolution without interfering in your day to day operations. 

Bundle your software licenses and management into your managed service contract, allowing us to ensure the appropriate licensing, best terms and pricing. Your contract can extend beyond your network and include support for Office 365 environments, line of business app support and more. 

Include the loan of additional equipment into your monthly contract, or finance through us as a way to move from CapEx to OpEx. Financing through Aspire means your technology is leased for set periods, and when the term is up you can upgrade your hardware. 

Aspire Can provide competitive low document rolling finance with 20 minute approvals up to $150,000. 

Whether from a power surge, force of nature, cyberattack or other threats facing your business in today’s world, you can’t afford to have your operations halted by accidents or breaches. 

Aspire technologies can provide comprehensive disaster recovery strategies to keep you up and running in the face of disaster. With our robust backup solutions tailored to your requirements from full off-site virtualisation to key file replication, we can get you up and running in minutes, not days. 

Our leading security protection program ensures your network is free from vulnerabilities with strong protocols and policies, managed firewalls and AI adaptive Endpoint protection to keep you same from exploits as they emerge. 

Even if you’re well-versed in setting up the technology in an office environment, the idea of maintaining subscriptions and updates with multiple vendors quickly becomes a headache. Your office software’s licensing might require attention in one place, security another, productivity tools elsewhere, networking with another company altogether and hosting services spread around the internet.

We have a fully a managed help desk with State-of-the-Art Remote Monitoring and Remediation Tools that allow us to constantly Monitor the health of your Network, Servers, PC’s and Peripherals. As well as Intrusion Protection and Prevention, Malware and Virus Detection and Removal.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Tools allow for immediate replication of your working environment with hours not days or weeks and our desktop backups ensure users have their data securely stored and accessible in case of Disaster.

We have loan Servers and Equipment, 4G NBN Routers and Complete PABX Systems ready to roll out if required covering everything you need to keep trading if your equipment is not available.

By using Aspire Cares Managed IT Service everything can all be in one place Managed by a Team of Qualified Engineers and Dedicated Account Managers.

We keep you informed as to the Health and Wellbeing of your Operations with Monthly Reports and Quarterly Business Reviews and make sure you are across new and innovative solutions that can help your business as they become available.


Frequently Asked Questions

All those one-off calls can add really add up.

When your IT environment is unmanaged, minor issues can go undetected and grow into significant problems that result in downtime or even disastrous data loss. By ensuring that your network is kept up to date, secure and replicated you avoid hefty bills for fixing critical issues and costly downtime by staying ahead of the problem .

Should an unexpected issue arise you can comfortably let your staff or management reach out to us knowing the bill is covered in your contract fee.

Absolutely not. Each customer is assigned a point of contact they can reach out to for advice or with questions at any time.

This point of contact is there to ensure you can check in with your tech expert when considering moves in your business and get the best result with your infrastructure.

Additionally all contracts include quarterly strategy and review meetings to cover recommendations, direction, feedback and more.

Our packages are designed to be tailored for your organisational needs. If you have someone on staff who can support level 1 requests, or is handy with hardware issues, that’s great!

Provisioning, managing and maintaining the variety of software and procedures required to stay current and protected in todays environment can be too much for internal I.T staff especially considering the cost.
Aspire can provide the elements you need to supplement whatever support or needs you require, from software only to monitoring and second level response.

Line of business applications are supported under the standard or premium contract types. Rather than trying to decipher the technical jargon third party software suppliers throw at you, we can liaise with your critical systems suppliers and ensure that you are getting the best result.

Our team are experienced with many LOB applications, from accounting packages to ERP systems, manufacturing software and CAD programs.